Pitcher Collective

Established in 2016, Pitcher is a collaboration of artist managers, multimedia artists and producers. We innovate methods of developing artistic projects with our extensive network of talent. We provide a platform for members to produce high quality work and connect with artists on a commission basis. Based in Bristol, with an extensive national network, we are unified by a desire to redefine professionalism through compassionate, holistic communication and a mutual passion for creation.

Branding and recording packages

The collective offers an expansive array of Graphic designers, specialising in all sorts of styles. Our digital artists and music producers can collaborate on your projects, and their working relationships will facilitate a cohesive and personal representation of your artistic vision. We want a challenge, and we want to push ourselves to help you create a 360 degree product that fully injects your personal passion into the modern world of music.

Logo design by Fáinleog, Nancy Holmes and BMCO Design.



Originating as a cosy garage-studio live stream event that sprung to life on the edge of Guildford town centre, the Lunar sessions have grown to be a night filled with a sense of community and a love for expression. The Lunar Sessions are carefully curated to maintain a journey for each attendee. From spoken word, to live electronica, to jungle - we present a night of collaboration and attentive appreciation.

After the packed out nights in KOMO, the Pitcher team have hooked up with The Boileroom to bring the regular routine of the event back to the public. Expect a night of candles, fairy lights, amongst live art such as improvised painting, and some of the most exciting musicians from around London and Surrey.

Poster designed by Ella Joy, photography by Isabella Hart.


Studio Sessions

We are a collective full of passion for studio work of all kinds. We run a vibrant and expansive garage studio in Guildford, and have access to large studio spaces throughout Surrey.

Photos taken by Ella Joy.


Sound to Picture

We love putting sound to your images, and images to your sound! One of the most valuable attributes of our collective is the variation and speed at which we can curate and match the perfect sensory counterpart to your image or audio. We will work together to bridge the empathy gap between the artist and consumer, in order to best articulate your message to the world.

Composed by Nányë, animation by Fáinleog.


promotional media

Our digital age demands that bands and artistic projects need a community of media behind them, supported by other art forms. The collaboration between artists and film makers is always mutual - we enhance each other. All of our visual and audio media is promoted on our social media platforms, and the collective spreads the word. We share the art to each circles of friends and professional network, creating an instant and loud echo-chamber.

Film by Nancy Holmes.

A live music video for Simon Main's Harmony project. Edited by Ben Adams.


multi-media Music Videos

Our collective includes directors of cinematography and different forms of animated media artists. We hope to put your creative spark close to their flare and inspire projects to compliment your music.

Animation by Fáinleog, music by Nányë.