Pitcher Management

Founded in 2016, Pitcher Collective is a collaboration of Music Producers, Graphic Designers, Animators, Promoters, Cinematographers, Photographers, Editors, Bloggers and many multifaceted artists from London, Bath, Guildford, Nottingham, Brighton and Bristol. We are unified by a desire to redefine professionalism via compassionate, holistic communication and a mutual passion for creation. 


The Pitcher team is made up of graphic designers, campaign consultants and social media managers. Whether you want a new logo, campaign strategy or marketing advice, our team will help to put a plan in to action and will link you up with fantastic designers along the way.

Prices range per project, as we curate them for each artist depending on their needs. Get in touch to get a quote!

studio recording

Depending on the outcomes you wish to work towards, we offer a 3 stage packaging system, that will allow you to take an idea all the way through to a finished, industry standard product. For a total of £500, we offer industry standard producers, equipment and services, to create a track ready for release on all commercial platforms. As projects range from client to client, these templates may be flexible depending on your goals and requirements.

*50% student discount applies to the rates below.


Phase 1 - Demo

£110 for studio engineering and post-production arrangement in a demo format.

+ instruments

+ microphones

+ studio engineer

+ producer

+ multi instrumentalist


Phase 2 - Post-production

£150 for post-production editing and track enhancement to a high quality demo format.

+ mixing

+ production

+ analogue effects processing

+ extra instrumentation

+ arrangement

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 17.01.55.jpg

phase 3 - industry ready

£240 for industry standard mix and master of complete track.

+ mixing

+ production

+ analogue effects processing

+ extra instrumentation

+ hardware and software processing

+ synthesis

+ arrangement

+ reference mixes

+ access to session musicians