Pitcher Management

Founded in 2016, Pitcher Collective is a collaboration of Music Producers, Graphic Designers, Animators, Promoters, Cinematographers, Photographers, Editors, Bloggers and many multifaceted artists from London, Bath, Guildford, Nottingham, Brighton and Bristol. We are unified by a desire to redefine professionalism via compassionate, holistic communication and a mutual passion for creation. 


meet the founders of pitcher

Pitcher started in 2016 from the vision of Ella Joy, Oli Rushen, and Ally Guppy.


Ella Joy

“My goal is to create a space where creative expression feels liberating, accepted, encouraged and nurtured. There can be a lot of hostility within the art world and whilst it has it's rightful part within the process of growth, I do feel as though when artists are given a platform to thrive off, we can see their best work - a natural struggle will always be within any process, creating the gritty side to art that so many people love. From there, I want to facilitate the growth of a roster of progressive and meaningful artists who have a social or political purpose/goal that they are driving their art towards. Whether it's about supporting a local art scene, or documenting and commenting upon contemporary social dynamics that are holding humanity to ransom, there is so much to be done within the creative industry. I'm a community driven person, and when our community is filled with big personalities with astounding art, I feel that we are in the position to create a large movement of change within the culture we find ourselves in.”

With a history in various areas of music business, and an excitement for creation, Ella co-founded Pitcher with the goal of creating a platform for artists to flourish within. Her priority within business is creating a personal, healthy relationship with each client, in order to reach maximum success and out of each project.

Ella’s the Creative Director and Project Manager at Pitcher, working with collaborators through every step of achieving their goals; creating marketing plans, offering advice and guidance, and selecting the appropriate people to be a part of each project. At the hub of online networking, Ella is constantly searching for new creatives to work with, and conducts the artist features/interviews. She's responsible for scouting a lot of the visual art and new talent within the collective.

Ella's also working at the front of the #LunarSessions, designing posters and curating the line up. Get in touch if you want to share your sound!

Alongside Pitcher, Ella is an artist in her on right. She's a producer, vocalist, and analogue synth player. Her projects include Nányë, Arūpa Gold, and her solo material under her own name. She is also a freelance Social Media Marketing Manager, working with a range of companies to create engaging content for inspired followers.


Oli rushen

A co-founder and studio manager in Pitcher Collective, Oli Rushen runs a unique studio in Bristol where he is primarily a creative Producer. Oli releases songs under his own name, produces and performs in Nányë, and collaborates with many artists within and surrounding the collective. He is a new wave musician and producer with a goal of creating a unique experience for an artist and listener. Working on a multitude of DAW's (primarily Ableton), he specialises in creating a holistic and creative workflow for his collaborators. By generating a combination of electronic loops, instrumentals and synthesis patterns based on each artists improvised musical style, he creates a complex project foundation at the beginning of the first session, pushing an artist to create sounds and transitions with a unique style and attitude unique to their recording environment. These techniques are designed to keep any artist pushing their boundaries and creating material that excites them, keeping an artist at the edge of their comfort is what drives their art. To support this ideology, the curated studio experience has a strong emphasis on the artists tenacity paired with their peace of mind. 


Ally Guppy


Ally Guppy is an innovative creative industry professional, whose work mainly focuses on online branding, marketing and PR for contemporary musicians.

She has worked at Moshi Moshi (record label) and Stay Golden PR (PR agency), and manages upcoming artists and helping them develop an online following. Ally has organised regular gigs, often working as a freelance gig photographer and is continually striving to bring new ideas to the industry sectors that she specialises in. If you really get to know and work with her, you may even get the chance to try some of her Instagram-famous baking, too.

Alongside her work with Pitcher, she is also a spoken word artist.