Pitcher Collective

Established in 2016, Pitcher is a collaboration of artist managers, multimedia artists and producers. We innovate methods of developing artistic projects with our extensive network of talent. We provide a platform for members to produce high quality work and connect with artists on a commission basis. Based in Bristol, with an extensive national network, we are unified by a desire to redefine professionalism through compassionate, holistic communication and a mutual passion for creation.


MEet The core team

Pitcher was found in 2016 from the vision of Ella Joy, Oli Rushen and Ally Guppy.


ella joy

Founder / creative director / artist liaison / digital content manager / project manager / event manager

Ella bridges the gap between a creative concept and a tangible body of work. After recruiting our wonderful Pitcher artists, she works with a spectrum of clients, helping them to reach their creative potential within an ever-changing digital landscape. Ella is the project manager throughout corporate client relationships, creating innovative campaign solutions that harness the imagination of each mind within the project. She also runs the #LunarSessions, so spends her time listening to demos and scouting at gigs.


Oli rushen

Founder / studio co-manager / studio technician / creative producer / audio artist liaison / distribution contact / musical director

Oli works within Pitcher as a studio manager, musical director and creative producer, specialising in enabling artists across various mediums. He is active in the studio as an artist, a musician and a technician. He believes good ideas deserve beauty and we will attempt to provide that through our understanding of music, visual media and people. His skills are primarily based around technical and creative performative music, involving instruments and controllers.


Jai Bellchambers

Studio co-manager / studio technician / artist liaison / recording engineer / mixing engineer / video co-manager / admin co-manager

Jai is a Pitcher Studio technician and an audio and visual enthusiast with an absolute passion for music. He is devoted to creating interesting and exciting sonic images for clients. With years of professional industry experience in the audio/visual sector, Jai endeavours to create a fun, professional and holistic environment that allows his client to flourish in an expressive and productive manner.


Lottie Westgarth

Administrative manager / internal liaison and chairperson / internal project coordination and facilitation / artist liaison / artist development

Lottie is a business and operations manager, working with the core members to streamline administration and organisational practice. Lottie’s main focus is project management, with her current endeavour centring around making Pitcher services accessible and useable for non-industry professionals and untrained musicians.


Stan glendinning

Studio co-manager / artist liaison / assistant studio technician / creative production / video co-manager / musical director

Stan is a co-studio and video manager at Pitcher, and outside of his own artistic endeavours, his work is concerned with the daily running of the creative space and interacting/collaborating with artists. His high energy and boundless creativity make him a highly useful resource to any Pitcher client. With a background in film and musical direction he is able to assist in the creative and execution process for artists within many fields.


tara lily klein

PR and social media management / artist liaison / industry outreach / events management

As PR Manager at Pitcher, Tara coordinates Pitcher’s external presence, connecting members and clients to harmonise their creative trajectory. Driven by an ever-growing love for music and artistic expression, Tara cultivates meaningful collaborations for unexplored projects to be brought into fruition, nurturing a platform for artistic minds to interconnect and collectively actualise their work.


Teddy Glendinning

Visual arts manager / visual artist liaison / co creative director / co operations director

Teddy acts as liaison between visual artists, the collective and clients. They are co-creative director, involved conceptually and practically in branding, realisation and operations. Teddy has interest and skills in many fields of artistic endeavour, allowing them to provide practical assistance to a plethora of artists.